A guide to selecting the best health cloud vendor for your healthcare organization 


As healthcare organizations make progress on their way to the digital transformation of healthcare, choosing a health cloud vendor to support and enable that work should not be taken lightly. 

There are a few different types of cloud vendors to choose from, depending on your organization’s needs. Each comes with its own set of merits and disadvantages. The public clouds are the most familiar, such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. There are also private clouds, hybrid clouds, and clouds that can host multiple public vendors. But there are still more categories, depending on the use case. There is an on-premises cloud that is designed to serve the needs of one company; infrastructure as a service, software as a service, and platform as a service.

A report by Chilmark Research sponsored by Innovaccer offers a deep dive into what factors healthcare organizations should consider when evaluating health cloud vendor options. 

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