Using Digital Engagement to Solve Pain Points
along the Patient Journey:
How to Deliver Better Outcomes for Patients and Brands


On Demand:

There are numerous challenges that a patient commonly faces along the patient journey, starting with the provider’s decision to treat and the course of therapy prescribed for the patient.

During this webinar, examine how digital engagement can solve challenges for both patients and the brand, from reducing prescription abandonment before the initiation of therapy
even begins to increasing adherence and persistency – all the while improving the patient experience.

Plus, learn the benefits digital engagement can provide for brand teams and other key roles within your company.

Key topics to be covered:

  • Improve the patient experience from the moment the prescription is written

  • Address multiple barriers to medication adherence and improve fill rates
    and persistency

  • Provide unique data and insights for brand marketers and clinical researchers

  • Learn how to complement and enhance your brand's communication strategy

Stephanie Baum, Director of Special Projects at MedCity News

Yadin Shemmer, SVP, Mango Health, a TrialCard Company 

Yadin has served in several senior operating roles in the digital health industry. He was Chief Executive Officer of Mango Health, which was acquired by TrialCard in 2019. Prior to Mango Health, Yadin was President of the consumer business at Everyday Health (NYSE: EVDY), a provider of digital health and wellness solutions. Previously, he co-founded Better2Know, a digital diagnostic services platform in the U.K. 
Yadin began his career at Broadview International, a boutique investment bank serving the information technology industry. He holds an M.B.A from London Business School and a B.A from the University of Pennsylvania

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